Ham (amateur) radio

This page is dedicated to one of my favorite hobbies which fascinated me since early childhood. Welcome to the world of wireless communication.

US Virgin Island (AB3Y/WP2)

US Virgin Island (AB3Y/WP2) 2020

Little bit of DXing in an island paradise
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OM4C - IARU VHF Contest

OM4C - IARU VHF Contest 2019

Contesting in the hills of southern Slovakia
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Faroe Islands (OY/AB3Y)

Faroe Islands (OY/AB3Y) 2019

Salmon, sheep, steep hills, lot of grass and ham radio
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OM4C - Field Day

OM4C - Field Day 2019

Field day with contest station OM4C in High Tatras
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Italy (I/AB3Y)

Italy (I/AB3Y) 2019

Testing new QRP rig in the rolling Tuscan hills
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Croatia (9A/AB3Y)

Croatia (9A/AB3Y) 2018

Vacation and ham radio come together in Croatia's Makarska Riviera
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Guadeloupe (FG/AB3Y)

Guadeloupe (FG/AB3Y) 2017

Little bit of Caribbean DXing in French Antilles
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Slovensko Krížom Krážom

Slovensko Krížom Krážom 2016

One summer, 6 confluence points and lots of fun
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Klema - The Atlantic Drifter

Klema - The Atlantic Drifter 2012

Experimental build of a seafaring buoy
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Yucatán (XE3/AB3Y)

Yucatán (XE3/AB3Y) 2007

Hurricane versus ham radio on Mexico's coastline
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