Ham (amateur) radio

This page is dedicated to one of my favorite hobbies which fascinated me since early childhood. Welcome to the world of wireless communication.

Česko Krížom Krážom

Česko Krížom Krážom 2019

Soon to come
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Italy (I/AB3Y)

Italy (I/AB3Y) 2019

Testing new QRP rig in the rolling Tuscan hills
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OM4C - Field Day

OM4C - Field Day 2019

Field day with contest station OM4C in High Tatras
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Croatia (9A/AB3Y)

Croatia (9A/AB3Y) 2018

Vacation and ham radio come together in Croatia's Makarska Riviera
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Guadeloupe (FG/AB3Y)

Guadeloupe (FG/AB3Y) 2017

Little bit of Caribbean DXing in French Antilles
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Slovensko Krížom Krážom

Slovensko Krížom Krážom 2016

One summer, 6 confluence points and lots of fun
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Klema - The Atlantic Drifter

Klema - The Atlantic Drifter 2012

Experimental build of a seafaring buoy
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Yucatán (XE3/AB3Y)

Yucatán (XE3/AB3Y) 2007

Hurricane versus ham radio on Mexico's coastline
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