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Venice (2019) album

Venice (2019)

49 photos private
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Tuscany (2019) album

Tuscany (2019)

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Moab And Fruita (2019) album

Moab And Fruita (2019)

179 photos private
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Italy (I/AB3Y)

Italy (I/AB3Y) 2019

Testing new QRP rig in the rolling Tuscan hills
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OM4C - Field Day

OM4C - Field Day 2019

Field day with contest station OM4C in High Tatras
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Faroe Islands (OY/AB3Y)

Faroe Islands (OY/AB3Y) 2019

Salmon, sheep, steep hills, lot of grass and ham radio
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Mineral water

Mineral water collection

108 water brands from all over the world.
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Jacksonville, Florida
Viña Santa Rita
Valparaíso Region
Ski Portillo Chile
Montevideo, Uruguay
La Mano Punta Del Este